Apologies for not blogging more regularly, deadlines are approaching !! Hopefully be beck blogging regularly soon. Lots to show you!! I will show you a sneaky peak at a creature design I am working on!
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Positive feedback

I just wanted to share this photo of some feedback I received this weekend. It’s so lovely to be complimented on your work. It makes everything seem worth it to make people feel good and happy about themselves. I defiantly think sharing positive feedback on social media websites is good for business. The more people that hear how good you are the more bookings you receive! 🙂

Happy happy !!!!

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Branding myself!

Hear is a sneaky peak at my new logo design! Can’t wait to get my logo on EVERYTHING !!
Currently getting my promotional material designed and then ready for print. I can’t wait to get this all sorted I already feel more professional and confident!
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Foundation Brushes – Requested post for Lisa!

After having a chat with my tutor I decided to dedicate a foundation brush post to her. Hope this helps Lisa!
Just have to say I had a job yesterday so my brushes are dirty in this photo sorry!!

So there are lots of different foundation brushes out there and even sponges. I would recommend for everyone to use something other than there fingers. Less germs and a better application.


Shown in this picture is Real Techniques stippling brush (pink Handel)
This is a lovely soft brush which will give a light and even coverage. Use in a circular motion working the foundation out from the nose. Start applying from the centre of the face to prevent a line of foundation around your face.
You can buy the Real Techniques from amazon, boots and
This brush retails for around £11.99 (boots price)
I would say try wait until boots have there 3 for 2 mix and match offer on.

The second brush along is the Sigma flat kabuki f80
This is my personal favourite brush for applying foundation. The bristles are packed close together and buff the foundation into the skin giving a flawless airbrushed appearance to the skin. I use Estée Lauders double wear and find this brush is the perfect way to apply it.
Sigma flat Kabuki f80 -£15.95 (
Crown Brush have just launched a dupe for this sigma brush! It’s the c452 flat foundation brush – £12.99 (

The third brush along is real techniques again! And this is the buffing brush (orange Handel)
This is slightly softer and the bristles are longer and more spaced apart than the sigma flat kabuki. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a good quality easy to use foundation brush. This is so easy to apply foundation with and you can build the perfect coverage as the brush won’t wipe off any foundation that you have already applied. Use small circular motions to apply the product to your face for a even and flawless coverage. This is also an amazing brush for applying MAC studio tech foundation!
I don’t think you can buy this brush on its own for some reason?! But it is included in the core collection. The set of four brushes is £21.99 (boots) and also includes a blush/contouring brush, small foundation/concealer brush and a concealer/lip brush. The brushes can be used in so many different ways and are amazing quality. I think this collection is defiantly worth the price!

Next up is my Art Deco foundation brush. This is your more well known foundation brush which is in a paint brush style. I am not the biggest fan of theses brushes as you as painting on a product feather than getting it into the skin and blending to a flawless finish. You can also end up with an uneven finish and streaky application. The brush hairs cause the foundation to look liney (I am aware that’s not a real word!)
This was the brush I bought in my first ever makeup training kit and it has lasted very well! Att Deco have updated there brushes and products since I started training and I think they now sell to the public rather than just professionals or students. You can pick up a brush this style for anywhere and they are very cheap!

And lastly there is my MAC 187SE stippling brush. This is a beautifully soft brush with longer bristles than most brushes. This brush works well with light liquid products and gives a sheer finish when buffed into the skin. This is great for those with perfect skin who don’t want a heavy coverage.
£32.50 from the MAC website and that is for the full sized brush. The one I have is the travel size.
A dupe I have found for this brush is the ELF studio stipple brush £3.75 (


So I hope that helped anyone who needs a foundation brush and I tried to do a whole range of prices, styles and brands. And please don’t forget to wash your brushes regularly!! Your brushes hold a lot of bacteria which will cause your skin to break out. Check out my previous post on how to wash brushes with a silicone glove for a deep clean. Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions for brushes that I could try please comment!

Natalie Jade xxxx